Kvasaheim’s Purpose

Kvasaheim is a site for transmitting knowledge about Political Science, International Relations, and Statistics to those interested. Currently, the primary projects supporting this goal are the Center for Electoral Forensics, Project Scarlet, and the book R for Starters. More information about each of these projects can be found on their respective project pages.

The Center for Electoral Forensics

The Center for Electoral Forensics is a site that covers elections and election analysis, with the sole purpose of detecting violations of the “free and fair” assumption of democratic elections. The tools to accomplish this goal are few, but growing. The biggest retardant to advancement here is that we do not know how vote counts should be distributed. When that is determined, many more tests will become available to us.

There are four sections to the site: Commentary, Reports, Datafiles, and Calendar. The commentary section discusses upcoming elections and past elections. In both cases, with a critical eye to democratic violations. The reports page include a list of papers dealing with electoral forensics. The datasets include official election results from several recent elections. This is the lifeblood of the center. Without official results, one cannot test official results. Finally, the calendar provides brief information about upcoming elections.

Project Scarlet

When teaching undergraduate introductory statistics, there is precious little practice available for students who wish to practice the calculations. I developed — and am developing — Project Scarlet to fill this gap. As time moves forward, expect me to add additional functionality, such as separate areas for learning, practicing, and testing. Also, expect a log-in feature, allowing you to keep track of your successes as you move through the site.

R for Starters

I searched, but I could not find an advanced social science methods textbook for students with little interest in statistics. There are many out there that cover the introductory topics: t-tests, chi-squared tests, linear regression. However, I could not locate one that covered linear modeling of count data, dichotomous data, and the like. Thus, I wrote (and am still writing) this online book—and its associated R functions.